Hybrid Light Tube - HyLighT

Work Package 4: Model design and investigation

The design and assembling of a HyLighT model and the conduction of field measurements will be implemented in Work Package 4. The model will incorporate the optimal parameter values of the scaled down model, as well as additional required parameters of static strength and thermal and water insulation. WP4 also includes the assessment of the model HyLighT which will be conducted by means of field measurements. Finally, the environmental impact of the HyLighT final product will also be assessed by the means of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis.

The design of the real scale model will be delivered by PA1 in terms of detailed construction drawings. The real scale model will be constructed by FHO. The installation of the model and the field measurements will be conducted by FHO. PA1 will provide the required guidance and supervision, by means of an onsite visit and regular communication. The LCA will be implemented by HO, whereas the required feedback in terms of the LCI will be provided by FHO and PA1.