Hybrid Light Tube - HyLighT

Work Package 3: Modular scaled model design and investigation

The main outcome of WP 3 is the design and development of a modular scaled HyLighT model as well as its experimental testing. This work package also includes the design and construction of a dark chamber, in which the model will be operated to examine the factors that define its performance levels. In terms of WP3, experimental measurements for the parametric analysis on the performance of the HyLighT operation will be performed. The findings of parameterisation will be verified using software simulations.

All tasks in WP3 will be implemented by the HO. PA1 will contribute to the scaling down principles of the investigated model, as well as to the dark chamber design, based on similarity theory principles. Four deliverables are expected in terms of this work package, each one allocated to a task. The scaled down model and the test facility will be initially delivered, and they will be followed by a report regarding the experimental measurements and a validated model, described in a report.