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Solar-Future Energy

Solar - Future Energy was established in year 2009 as one of the first manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in Poland. It produces high-quality photovoltaic modules based on the technology of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon. Solar - Future Energy is the first Polish manufacturer of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) modules.

In August 2010, the PV module production line was launched in Brzesko, Poland, with a capacity of 25 MW, namely more than 100 000 PV modules per year. Currently the production line has an annual capacity of 35 MW with the steady growth of production capacity.

Solar-Future energy manufactures photovoltaic modules in the power range of 50 to 270Wp, at a competitive price. The production line and products are in compliance with the requirements of standards for PV modules IEC 61215:2005, EN 61730-1:2007, and EN 61730-2:2007.

Thanks to the continuous quality control at every stage of the production and to the appropriate selection of European components, Solar-Future Energy obtained the Factory attestation in October 2011, and the company has the right to use the designation of the product: "MADE IN EUROPE". Improving quality of production confirmed another certificate "Factory Inspection" which was received in October 2012.