Hybrid Light Tube - HyLighT

Frederick Research Center

Frederick Research Center (FRC) is the largest private Research Center in Cyprus. Members of the FRC are the faculty of the Frederick University (FU) and independent scientists that promote their research through their collaboration with the FRC. Since 1995, the Center has been involved in more than 50 externally funded research projects funded by the European Union, the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and the private sector.

The Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) in FRC (http://sus-energ.org) is an ISO 9000 certified group (certificate registration No. 041130144) equipped with infrastructure, hardware and software that allows the implementation of a variety of techniques for the technical characterization of light tubes with incorporated photovoltaic modules. FRC has been the coordinator of several research programmes in the field of sustainable development and renewable energy technologies. FRC was proposed as coordinator due to the fact that in its daily operations it became very well experienced and skilled in such roles, as well as practical research, quality and performance assuring and in acting as liaison between the environment sector and scientific and research institutes.